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Christos Panayiotou Profile

Christos Panayiotou

Founder of Embrace AI Training



  • AI

  • CRM deployment and Integration

  • Search Marketing

  • Technical SEO

  • Sales

  • Customer Experience

  • Training delivery


  • Family

  • Brighton

  • Dogs

My Inspiration

A conversation with my brother first inspired me to look at the AI industry. He was explaining how he was able to work smarter, more efficiently, save time and increase his sales conversion rates all through the use of AI tools. As someone who has always been very interested in automation and technology I started to look into this market. I was very impressed in what I found and it inspired me to establish Embrace AI training.


I have a huge range of experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer experience and in particular search marketing. I can see how these tools can be applied to the day to day job, where they will and wont work and most of all how they can boost productivity.

I was in an enviable position to be able to take a career break, retrain and set up Embrace AI Training. The plan simple. Learn as much as I can about AI tools, build the company using those tools and hands on experience, then pass on this knowledge to those working in business day to day and help them understand this new technology.

Work Experience

My background starts with great customer service over 25 years ago when I worked for American Express. I then moved into sales and web design before finding my passion for digital marketing. In particular search marketing was an area of strength and it was through this role I joined Trade Skills 4U (Now C&G Electrical Training) as their marketing manager and progressed to become a member of the senior management team. 

For the last 13 years I have worked in a variety of roles from Marketing to Sales and finally customer experience. As a director and member of the senior leadership team I learned a huge amount about the training  business. I was also always very hands on with web technologies, CRM integrations and process automation. 

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