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Understanding AI for Business Leaders




1 Day

For beginners

Virtual Classroom

£250 per person for 1 Day

Course materials & Prompt templates

Small Class Sizes (Max 5) with Live Tutor

Interactive workshop

Business Meeting

Why take this AI for Business Leaders Course?


You may not realise it but right now your staff, your competitors and you are already using AI. This course is designed to open your eyes to the new way of working so you can understand the upcoming opportunities and how working practices will evolve in the coming years. Work out how to best integrate AI into your workflows and ensure human creativity remains at the centre of your success. Plus an added bonus, find out how you can save time and be more effective in your own role by using the same tools.

Who is it for?


Anyone curious about AI and how to use it such as:

  • CEO's

  • Business Owners

  • High level decision makers

  • Members of Senior leadership teams

  • Company directors


We also have dedicated courses for Small business owners and a more general ChatGPT for Business course available.


The course was presented extremely well. It was really good to be tailored to our business and learn how we can specifically use AI moving forward. Really excited to get started now."

Course Content


This AI for Business leaders course is designed to open your eyes to the changing way in which we are already working. Your staff, your competitors and possibly you are already using AI but do you really know how to get the best from it? Do you understand the implications of it's use on customer privacy or content ownership? This course will simplify and demystify this incredible technology:


  • Overview of AI and ChatGPT: Understand the strategic implications of AI and its potential to revolutionise business models and operational efficiency.


  • Evaluating AI Models for Strategic Goals: Learn to assess various AI models, including ChatGPT, Copilot, and Google Gemini (Bard), and align them with your organisation's strategic objectives.


  • Ethical Leadership in AI: Delve into the ethical considerations and corporate governance of AI, ensuring your organisation leads with integrity and responsibility.


  • Copyright & GDPR: Understand the implications copyright and GDPR impact the use of AI Tools in your business.


  • Best Practice Use of AI Tools: How to position AI within your organisation and make sure you and your staff are aware of it's possible uses and limitations.


  • Overview of Prompting & Conversations: Learn best practice techniques to ensure you gain valuable results from AI tools.


  • Innovative Applications of AI in Leadership: Discover how AI can be leveraged in business functions such as marketing, sales, customer experience and data analysis.


  • AI-Driven Decision Making: Explore how AI can enhance decision-making processes, provide predictive insights, and transform data into actionable strategies.


  • Executive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops and analyse use cases for your business. Put into practice what you have learnt and generate useful prompts for your own use.


  • Preparing for the Future of AI in Business: Stay ahead with insights into emerging AI trends, preparing your organization to embrace innovative technologies and maintain a competitive edge.

What to bring

Please make sure you will be able to attend the course with the following things:


Virtual Classroom Courses

  • You will need a computer / laptop

  • A webcam (Cameras must be on for training sessions)

  • Notepad and pen

  • A list of day to day tasks from your role


Classroom Courses

  • You will need a laptop or tablet

  • Notepad and pen

  • A list of day to day tasks from your role

To save time on the day please try and sign up to ChatGPT and Google Gemini before attending the course.

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