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AI Essentials for Work Course




4 hours

For beginners

Virtual Classroom

Access to ChatGPT Plus Account

Course materials & Prompt templates

Small Class Sizes (max 10) with Live Tutor

Interactive workshop

Working on Bean Bag Chairs

Why take this AI Essentials evening course?


If you just want to get stuck in and hands on as soon as possible this is the course for you. Delivered over 4 hours this course can be taken after work in one evening from 4.30pm to 8.30pm or in the day time 9am to 1pm. Anyone looking to work with AI to save time and become more effective will benefit from this course.

Who is it for?

This AI course is for anyone new to AI that wants to understand how it works and get hands on prompting and exploring best practice techniques.

We also have more in depth courses for Senior Management Teams and general ChatGPT for Work and Business Course.


"Brilliant course which really opened my eyes to how I can use AI every day in all aspects of my work."

Course Content

Understand practical applications of AI and ChatGPT, designed to transform how you work in the future. Key topics include:

  • Understanding the Basics of AI and ChatGPT: Fundamental principles of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT. Understand its capabilities and limitations.

  • Best Practice Ethical use of AI Tools : Learn about the ethical implications, bias, privacy concerns, and responsible AI usage to ensure you’re not only efficient but also compliant and ethical.


  • Mastering Prompting and Conversations with AI: A hands on workshop covering.

    • Full tour of ChatGPT

    • What is prompt engineering?​

    • A useful prompt engineering framework

    • Conversations vs Prompts

    • A variety of prompting techniques

    • Building a prompt library (We will share some ready made prompts with you)


  • Custom GPT's: Understand what a Custom GPT is, when to use them and how to create one.


  • Business and personal use cases: Participate in interactive sessions and discussing the practical applications of AI in work and life.

What to bring

Please make sure you will be able to attend the course with the following things:


Virtual Classroom Courses

  • You will need a computer / laptop

  • A webcam (Cameras must be on for training sessions)

  • Notepad and pen

  • A list of day to day tasks from your role

  • A ChatGPT account (Preferably paid account)


Classroom Courses

  • You will need a laptop or tablet

  • Notepad and pen

  • A list of day to day tasks from your role

  • A ChatGPT account (Preferably paid account)

To save time on the day please try and sign up to ChatGPT and Google Gemini before attending the course. We will supply a paid account on request but you may wish to use your own to save the work you have done on the course.

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