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10 Reasons Your Team Needs AI Training Now

As a senior manager it is really important to get a clear understanding of the ever evolving landscape of generative AI. Not just to gain from the benefits of AI but also to make sure you and your teams don’t make some common mistakes. This blog post explores why it is crucial for your teams, especially company managers and directors, to undergo AI training.

1. Your Competitors are already using AI Tools

If your competitors are leveraging AI and you are not, they will most likely become more efficient than you and have a competitive advantage. However they may be using it wrong (and trust me there are some pretty big mistakes you can make when using generative AI) so why not get un understanding now to ensure your business embrace’s AI in the right way.

2. Save time and become more efficient

AI tools can dramatically reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities that drive business growth. It can also help ease creative block for some tasks and keep projects on track. Most people that take our courses will save at least half a day a week on a variety of tasks as well improving the impact of the work they do.

3. Data Protection and GDPR Implications of Using AI

Understanding AI and data protection laws, including GDPR, is crucial when implementing AI solutions. If your team are using AI without your knowledge they could fall foul to some pretty simple but big mistakes. Picking the right tool and the right plan can also give your teams greater freedom in how they use AI without having to worry about some of these constraints.

4. Copyright and Ownership of AI-Generated Content

AI's ability to produce content raises questions about ownership and this is still an evolving topic which is by no means clear cut. At present no one can completely answer all questions about copyright and AI but we can provide you with clear cut strategies to protect your company’s creative outputs and ensure you are comfortable to use AI generated content.

5. Retaining Control of AI-Generated Content

It is vital to maintain control over the content that AI produces. AI training offers techniques to monitor and manage AI outputs and ensure that AI integration is seamless and under appropriate human oversight. We believe in putting people right at the centre of the creative process and teach techniques to ensure your team continues to run your business and not AI.

6. Your team may already us AI without your knowledge

Teams may use AI technologies without managerial knowledge. Especially with working from home the temptation is now there to get the AI to do the work without anyone else knowing. But this unregulated use could get your business into hot water especially if the person using the tools doesn’t really know how to use them.

7. Your team are worried about their jobs

People everywhere are worried about their jobs. By training your teams in AI and publishing a clear AI policy about the use of AI in your company, you can help them understand how AI is there to support them, not replace them. We truly believe that ethical AI implementation is the best way for companies to reman competitive and grow but your teams won’t understand that until you do.

8. Appropriate Tool Usage

It's crucial to know which AI tools are appropriate and which should be avoided. Training ensures familiarity with company-approved technologies and helps avoid non-compliant or inefficient tools. You may need to discuss tools with your data security and IT teams before they are approved and close management of this can prevent unregulated use.

9. Every company will need an AI Specialists

As AI becomes integral to business operations, having in-house AI specialists will become a necessity. Training fosters the development of this expertise, ensuring effective management of AI resources. We often see AI stars emerging on the courses we run who take to it like a duck to water.

10. Regulation of AI

The EU AI Act is already here and UK legislation will follow very soon. It is important you understand the core principles (most of which align with ethical AI use and best practice strategies taught on our courses) to ensure you have the appropriate processes systems and people in place for when UK legislation does come into force.

We are all at the start of a very long journey into a new way of working. AI tools and working practices will evolve over the coming years but the main principles of how and how not to use it will most likely remain the same. As a leader of your business it is important to open your eyes to what is possible (good and bad) and steer your company through this fast moving landscape.

Find out more about our Understanding AI for Business Leaders Course or contact us for more information on how we can support you.

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