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I recently explored a demo from, which showcased an AI bot's capability to initiate phone contact with a customer, engage in conversation, and navigate objections in a surprisingly friendly manner. While the demo indicates that the technology isn't flawless, it unmistakably points towards the future of AI automation. In the coming 1-2 years, I anticipate we'll witness an expansion in this sort of automation. However, the demo prompted several ethical and AI best practice questions that I believe are worth discussing in this blog post:

Is the customer aware they're speaking with AI? 

A fundamental principle we advocate in our courses is transparency in AI usage. It's crucial that individuals know when they're interacting with an AI bot and when AI has played a part in significant decisions concerning their service. During the demo call, there was no clear indication—other than a somewhat artificial laugh—that the customer knew they were not speaking to a human.

Has the customer consented to marketing calls from AI?

It appears the customer might have abandoned their shopping cart, raising questions about consent under GDPR for AI-initiated calls. Despite attempting the shopping basket experience myself and finding no explicit consent for AI calls, it's possible that such permission is embedded within the terms and conditions.

Does this replace jobs? 

Yes, these bots could displace salespeople who perform outbound cold calls. However, considering the demanding nature of making 120-140 calls a day—a task many find unsustainable—implementing AI could allow businesses to reallocate sales representatives to roles that focus more on closing sales, potentially leading to greater job satisfaction. One direction this could head in is that experienced sales people have their own bot's which are cloned and managed by themselves making them more effective and allowing them to maintain their own personal style.

Is the AI sales rep effective?

Based on the demo call, the AI sales rep performed impressively, engaging the customer with questions and handling objections well. However, consistent monitoring and management are necessary to ensure quality across all interactions, underscoring the importance of closely managed AI technologies.

Would I recommend this service to a client? 

While I urge caution, trialling this service could be beneficial under specific conditions, including transparency about the AI's nature, explicit customer consent, and limitations on the bot's role in the sales process. Monitoring the impact on customer perceptions is also vital to avoid potential reputational damage. Also a quick review of's trust pilot raises a number of concerns that would need to addressed before embarking on any campaign.

Like all things AI the proof will be in the pudding. An initial test under strict conditions would soon reveal if customers would be out off by a call from an AI sales rep. Quite possibly right now I think the answer for many people would be yes, however in time this may become more accepted and the impact of this type of campaign would improve.

Your feedback and thoughts on these considerations are invaluable as we navigate the ethical landscape of AI in sales. Why not visit the website and listen to the call to make your own judgements"

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