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Google Fights Back - Google IO Showcases Latest AI Updates

So yesterday ChatGPT announced some major changes and improvements. And today Google had some announcements of their own to make. What stands out for me is both ChatGPT and Gemini are getting more accessible. The ability to interact in real time with voice, vision and text is the common factor and this is all aimed at making AI much more human like. You can view a great summary video below:

Here’s a rundown of the key announcements and why they matter to businesses.


What’s new: Gemini can now understand and respond to information from various formats, including text, images, video, and code. Like ChatGPT-4o it will be able to do this in real time.

Why it matters: This makes Gemini a more flexible tool for businesses. Whether you’re dealing with written reports, visual content, or coding tasks, Gemini can help you make sense of it all and provide relevant insights.

Long Context

What’s new: Gemini can process information from up to 2 million tokens of data.

Why it matters: This means Gemini can consider a wider range of information when responding to queries, making its answers more comprehensive and accurate. For businesses, this could mean better data analysis and more informed decision-making.

Ask Photos

What’s new: Users can search their photos using natural language queries.

Why it matters: This feature is particularly useful for businesses that rely on visual content. For example, you can quickly find specific images from a large collection by simply describing what you’re looking for.

Notebook LM

What’s new: A research and writing tool that creates lively science discussions between AI characters. You can also interject and join in when you want.

Why it matters: This will be great for exploring complex topics with opposing points of view or even learning something new.

Project Astra

What’s new: Aimed at creating a universal AI agent to assist in everyday life.

Why it matters: We all know AI Agents are going to be huge in the future. From customer support to sales Google is going to make it much easier to create and manage these agents.

Customisable Gems (Like Custom GPT's)

What’s new: Customised AI tools tailored to specific tasks and purposes.

Why it matters: Just like Custom GPT's you will be able to tailor Gemini to your specific needs, creating shortcuts for repetitive tasks or customised routines to streamline operations.

Data Analysis in Workspace

What’s new: Gemini can better analyse data in spreadsheets and generate charts.

Why it matters: This feature will help businesses visualise data more effectively, making it easier to understand and act upon.

On-device AI

What’s new: Some of Gemini’s capabilities can now run directly on user devices.

Why it matters: This enhances privacy and speed. For instance, Gemini can identify potential scam calls, providing an extra layer of security.

Gemini Nano

What’s new: A new model designed to run on devices, understanding the world through sight, sound, and spoken language.

Why it matters: This makes Gemini more accessible and useful on a range of devices, ensuring you have powerful AI support wherever you are.

Why These Changes?

Google’s updates to Gemini are driven by a desire to make AI more accessible, powerful, and tailored to user needs. By enhancing its ability to process different types of information and expanding its capabilities, Google is positioning Gemini as a versatile tool for businesses. These changes aim to simplify workflows, improve data handling, and offer more personalised and secure AI interactions.

It's clear that the race is hotting up. Google does not want to lose search or AI market share to ChatGPT but after yesterdays announcements that is very likely especially now ChatGPT has web access. Watch this space for more.

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