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What is a Custom GPT?

Custom GPT on a ipad

One of the main reasons to use a paid version of ChatGPT above other tools is the ability to create and use Custom GPT’s. For me Custom GPT’s are a game-changer for the average business user. They offer users a personalised AI experience, a bit like having your own tailor-made AI assistant focussed on a specific task.

Anyone can create a Custom GPT (No tech skills needed)

You can create, customise and add your own training data to Custom GPT’s using a very simple interface. This means the AI can leverage your own specific data to provide more relevant outputs.

This is the standout feature of Custom GPT’s. You can test and then simply ask the GPT builder to improve the way the way it works by simply having a back and forth conversation. A bit like having your own AI prompting expert do the work for you.

Examples of Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs can be created for a variety of purposes. Here are some examples from my own collection:

  • Blog Post, Social Media and Email Writers: These GPT’s have been trained on content I have already written. This means they write in my own unique style but here’s the twist. They also make improvements based on guidelines put in place such as improving email subject lines for open rates.

  • Course Quizmaster: This GPT has been trained on my course files. It will create multiple choice questions based on the topics in each module and even ensure there are some funny wrong answers in the options too.

  • Prompt Helper: This GPT asks the user 7 questions. Once answered it will generate a prompt which can be saved in a prompt library and then ask the user if they want to then execute the prompt. Why not test it out for yourself here.

These are just 3 examples of custom GPT’s but if you explore the GTP store you will find millions of examples of tools that can help support your day to day work and maybe give you inspiration for your own.

Exploring the GPT Store

The GPT store is a treasure trove of millions of Custom GPTs available for different tasks. While the vast selection can be overwhelming, it also means that there’s likely a GPT for nearly any need you can think of. However, because these GPTs are programmed by different users, it’s important to use trial and error to find the ones that best suit your purposes as you wont know how they have been set up or what their specific instructions are.

Embracing the Future of AI

The advent of Custom GPTs marks a significant shift towards more accessible and democratic AI technologies. By customising AI to individual needs and preferences, we’re seeing a transformation in how technology can support both personal and professional activities. Whether you’re automating routine tasks, enhancing your creative processes, or improving team collaboration, Custom GPTs offer a flexible and powerful solution.

So, dive into the world of Custom GPTs and explore how these tailor-made AI assistants can revolutionise your daily tasks. The future of AI is not just about advanced algorithms and complex computations; it’s about making technology work for you, in the most personalised and efficient way possible.

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